The Safety and Roads Committee focuses on three areas: community safety, road maintenance and deer management.

Community Safety: The committee’s responsibilities are concerned with matters that present danger or harm to our Fernbank residents. Frequently addressed issues include street lighting, signs, speeding hazardous sinkholes, snow removal and dead animals. The committee oversees the Pets and Other Animals Policy and, in prior years, the committee has addressed stray or unleashed dogs, types of animals permitted as pets, and the responsible collection of pet waste. FUOA Pets and Other Animals Policy

Please Note the Safety & Roads Committee is not the appropriate first contact regarding crimes, fire incidents or medical and health needs. Emergencies such as these should be reported directly and quickly by means of the 911 call service or by contacting the entity (hospital,doctor, fire dept.,water dept., sheriff, etc.) with jurisdiction or expertise in your area of concern.

Road Maintenance: The committee is responsible for maintaining Fernbank roads including snow removal, traffic requirements and working with Home Hill Corporation on the present condition of existing shared roads with the North Hills community. In addition the committee determines the long-term cost associated with future resurfacing and advises the Executive Board as to the Reserve Requirements for the annual budgeting process.

Deer Management: Each year, in accordance with the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources hunt dates for Jefferson County, the authorized bow only “urban deer hunt” in the Fernbank community is held the first week of September through the end of December. The West Virginia Department of Natural Resources controls the reporting, hunting hours and the number of deer that can be taken by Buck or Doe.

Hunters are usually on site from an hour before dawn through about 9:00 a.m. and again from about 4:00 p.m. through 7:30 p.m. A hunter on site, can be detected by his pickup truck parked nearby, displaying a bright parking pass. For more information contact Tim Murphy.