What We Do

The Communications Committee is responsible for maintaining a communications channel between Fernbank residents, the Executive Board, and committees who serve their members.  This includes topics such as current events, meetings and neighborhood improvements. Communications sources are delivered by electronic media and print including the FUOA web site, Fernbank Fanfare newsletters, notices and special mailings. The areas of responsibilty of the Communcations Committee include:

  • Maintaining a database of owner/renter contact information
  • Creating and distributing the FUOA Membership Directory
  • Maintaining and updating the FUOA web site
  • Creating and distributing the Fernbank Fanfare Newsletter
  • Delivering timely email alerts approved by the Board such as utility disruptions and weather alerts  
  • Facilitating communications for all FUOA Committees Chairs

What You Can Do

Contact Us if you would like to change your contact information for the member database or member directory; would like to join the committee; or, have ideas for the newsletter and website. We encourage our members to assist the Communications Committee by suggesting or providing articles and topics of interest for the newsletter and the web site.  We also ask that you let us know of your suggestions for improving membership communication.

Finally, while most residents regularly use digital communications, there are still some residents without e-mail addresses. Or, perhaps you just prefer snail-mail.  If so, please let us know.